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Enterprise Zone, 210 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4AE


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Startup Weekend is an awesome experiential learning opportunity that brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to build concepts into minimum viable products in just 54 hours.

Pitch, test, validate, business model, design and build an idea in just one weekend. Whether you want to crash test an idea of your own or work on somebody else's idea, this test of your problem solving, team working and creativity skills is a fast-paced, fun event packed full of learning and the opportunity to meet some awesome new people.

Beautiful, interesting, awesome ideas are brought to life at Startup Weekend. Be a part of that creation.

Startup Weekend is for everyone – a dream team typically involves a mix of ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds. You do NOT have to be a student to attend Startup Weekend and, in fact, many attendees aren’t.

You’ll have access to expert coaches throughout the weekend, as well as great workshops, fab venues, and a whole load of delicious local food to keep you fueled.

As well as all that, you will also have the opportunity to pitch and demo your product to a panel of judges on the Sunday. But no pressure – Startup Weekend aims to create teams, not startups.

Come find your co-founder, create something beautiful, build something amazing.

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Mar 14
  • Workshops (optional)
  • Registration starts
  • Dinner - pizza, salads and networking
  • Welcome and speaker
  • Rapid pitches - try to bring along an idea!
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Relocate to the Enterprise Zone
  • Formalise teams - take an inventory of skills and get to work
  • Enterprise Zone closes - see you in the morning!


Mar 15
  • Enterprise Zone opens
  • Breakfast - cereals, croissants, fruit and yoghurt
  • Back to work! Focus on customer validation
  • Lunch - assorted sandwiches, pork pie, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pizza bites, flips, vol-au-vents and cakes
  • Call for help - do you have all the skills you need?
  • Workshop: How to quickly bootstrap an MVP landing page
  • Back to work! More customer validation, and start build/design
  • 3D Printing time! Get your Intro to CAD workshop or product printed until 8pm!
  • Dinner - chicken in white wine, rogan josh, vegetarian stroganoff - all served with rice
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Back to work! More build/design, and start presentation
  • Enterprise Zone closes - see you in the morning!


Mar 16
  • Enterprise Zone opens
  • Breakfast - cereals, croissants, fruit and yoghurt
  • Back to work! Customer validation, build/design and presentation
  • Rehearse presentations
  • Lunch - meat and potato pie, lasagne, vegetarian pie - all served with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables
  • Back to work! Make sure presentation is ready to go
  • Relocate to Mappin Hall
  • Break for judging - and snacks!
  • Awards!
  • Wrapup
  • After Party at Bloo88!
  • Dinner (at the After Party) - continental meats, vegetable kebabs, ciabatta sandwiches, nuts, olives, salads with dips and mini desserts

James Mundy

Founder, Mendzapp   |   LinkedInGoogle+

I began developing Windows Phone part-time whilst studying Physics at university making small apps such as Travelnapp, an app that woke you up on the train if you were too drunk/tired and were going to miss your stop. After discovering a real passion for programming I switched to Software Engineering and begun spending most of my life behind the keyboard.

It was at this point I started Mendzapp to act as a more professional front for my app development and I was later joined by George Powell, a fellow computer scientist. Together we were accepted to be part of Nokia’s AppCampus program, that provides funding for developers to bring their apps exclusive to Window Phone, to build Foundbite. In November 2012 we also flew out to Finland for a month where we did extensive pitching and met several mobile industry veterans who advised us on our plans for the app.

Foundbite combines photos and sounds to capture the atmosphere of events places and experiences. The app launched in October last year and has been downloaded around 45,000 times with great reviews and some fantastic uploads by users. When the exclusivity ends at the end of this month Foundbite will be making its way to Android in conjunction with Sony.


Ben Hookway

Founder, Manager, Funder, Seller of Technology Businesses   |   LinkedIn

Ben has held C-level positions in three tech startups in both the US and UK, gaining VC funding and achieving successful exits. After moving back to the UK from San Francisco he now works with various companies on commercialisation, funding and strategy.

Ben is currently CEO at, Executive Chairman at BaseClarity and Global Partners Director at TechHub. He also consults to VC funds.

Bernard McMahon

Business Development and Strategy Specialist   |   LinkedIn

Bernard began his career in multinational companies and held significant marketing budget responsibility, before moving to work in advertising agencies. In recent years he has established, built and sold multimedia and digital companies.

Bernard is currently bringing together communications and technology at integrated marketing agency Deep Blue.

Anthony Nettleship

Software Developer and Technical Director   |   LinkedIn

Anthony studied Computer Science at The University of Sheffield before founding a web design agency. He later joined epiGenesys to develop applications for public sector organisations and universities.

Anthony is currently Technical Director at epiGenesys where he works primarily with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, etc.

Aaron Yahaya

Marketing, Customer Delivery and Leadership Consultant   |   LinkedIn

Aaron is a graduate of The University of Sheffield where he studied Economics, and has worked on promotions, marketing and student engagement at Gatecrasher. His interests are in brand development and all forms of marketing.

Aaron is currently Director at Bloo 88, Cheese on Bread Media and Sheffield Parties.

Meal Sponsors
Organisers and Coaches

Samantha Deakin

Lead Organiser and Customer Discovery coach   |   LinkedIn

This will be the 4th Startup Weekend I've organised in Sheffield so I've seen a lot of startup ideas come and go!

Talk to me about customer discovery and validation. And how to conduct a good customer interview to get the most learning from each interaction.

Chris Murray

Organiser and Lean Startup coach   |   LinkedIn

I'm a software developer turned director at epiGenesys, a social enterprise and a subsidiary of The University of Sheffield, which I co-founded in 2007.

I use lean startup principles in software development every day, so if you want to iterate your startup idea quickly then talk to me about minimum viable products, continuous deployment and actionable metrics.

Saul Cozens

Digital Technology Strategist   |   LinkedIn

I'm a digital technology strategist who works with organisations, both large and small, to help them make the most of tech.

I often help build cross-functional, user-centered and agile digital product teams. I previously spent 10 years as a Director at Technophobia, a local digital agency that was recently acquired by a FTSE 100 corporation.

Janet Grant

Business Advisor   |   LinkedIn

I am a SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) accredited business advisor and a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management.

I provide one-to-one business support, specialist advice, information and guidance to students and graduates to help them start, develop and maintain their own sustainable businesses.

Kimb Jones

Maker Doer   |   LinkedInGoogle+

I’m a web designer, front-end developer and WordPress expert with over 12 years industry experience. I run the WordPress Sheffield meetup and help co-organise WordPress Leeds.

In 2012 I founded Make Do, an events and education initiative that inspires and connects makers and doers all over the world. I also design and build products and websites at MKDO Ltd with my cohort Matt.

Julie Roberts

Content Strategist   |   LinkedInGoogle+

I'm a B2B content strategist with a keen interest in Software as a Service marketing. Having traded Florida sun for England's green and pleasant land some time ago, I've been involved with start-ups on both sides of the Atlantic.

As the mother of two young children, I admit the relentless and varied demands of parenthood have been the perfect preparation for starting up enterprises of my own.

Ramen Sen

Technical and UX Coach   |   LinkedIn

I am an experienced software product design engineer working in and with start-ups for around 15 years. I champion both Open Source Software and User Experience as real competitive advantages for start-ups. I have an extremely broad range of technical experience from server side and systems integration, to web and app front-ends.

As a technical director, I have led several small development teams building software. I also spend a lot of time working with customers and users, focusing on user experience, ensuring that the product meets both business and end-user needs.

Ryan Bibby
James Gregory
Phil Hornby
Marc Johnson
Michael Nares
Josh Pierson

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