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Enterprise Zone, 210 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4AE


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Startup Weekend is an awesome experiential learning opportunity that brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to build concepts into minimum viable products in just 54 hours.

Pitch, test, validate, business model, design and build an idea in just one weekend. Whether you want to crash test an idea of your own or work on somebody else's idea, this test of your problem solving, team working and creativity skills is a fast-paced, fun event packed full of learning and the opportunity to meet some awesome new people.

Beautiful, interesting, awesome ideas are brought to life at Startup Weekend. Be a part of that creation.

Startup Weekend is for everyone – a dream team typically involves a mix of ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds. You do NOT have to be a student to attend Startup Weekend and, in fact, many attendees aren’t.

You’ll have access to expert coaches throughout the weekend, as well as great workshops, fab venues, and a whole load of delicious local food to keep you fueled.

As well as all that, you will also have the opportunity to pitch and demo your product to a panel of judges on the Sunday. But no pressure – Startup Weekend aims to create teams, not startups.

Come find your co-founder, create something beautiful, build something amazing.

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Jul 12
  • Arrive!
  • Pizza & networking
  • Welcome
  • Speakers - Mayel and Josef, co-founders of Babelverse
  • Pitches. Try to bring along an idea or two!
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming. Be honest and direct about what skills are needed!
  • Formalise teams and get to work!
  • Workshop: 'Business Model Generation' by Kathleen Fritzsche
  • Workshop: 'Focusing on a Minimum Viable Product' by Terracoding
  • Grab some floor and take a nap, or go home, or keep working! The building will remain open all night...


Jul 13
  • Simple breakfast
  • Back to work! Coaches assist teams one-on-one.
  • Lunch
  • Call for help
  • Back to work! Coaches assist teams one-on-one.
  • Dinner
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Back to work!
  • Grab some floor and take a nap, or go home, or keep working! The building will remain open all night...


Jul 14
  • Simple breakfast
  • Call for help
  • Back to work! Coaches assist teams one-on-one.
  • Lunch
  • Back to work! Coaches assist teams one-on-one.
  • Dinner
  • Final presentations!
  • Break for judging
  • Awards!
  • Wrapup
  • Go home, or join us for a wind down in a local pub!

Mayel de Borniol and Josef Dunne

Babelverse   |   LinkedIn

Mayel and Josef are co-founders of Babelverse, the "universal translator" for spoken communication. It's a platform for on-demand remote interpretation in any language, powered by a global community of interpreters and multilingual people.

Since starting Babelverse at Startup Weekend Athens 2010, they've had crazy adventures over multiple continents (Greece, Chile, US, UK, France, Japan, Korea, etc) which include but are not limited to: living/working 3 months in a garden shed before flying to the US with no return ticket (and no money to buy one), crashing on people's couches until near-homelessness before getting an investment from one of the most recognizable VCs in Silicon Valley. And receiving awards at conferences such as LeWeb, The Next Web and TechCrunch Disrupt along the way.

Mayel de Borniol (@mayel2b) calls himself a glomad (a word he made up). French originally, but an expat much of his life, he's a travel addict. It’s less about the destinations and more about the journey! That’s why he would love to know dozens of languages (current count is at 3.7), and be able to communicate with everyone.

Josef Dunne (@josef) is originally from London. A self-taught developer, he developed his first website in 1996. Since then he has created, grown, and nurtured numerous online communities. He specialises in creating great user experiences and believes the web should be accessible for all.


David Bailey

Creative Director/Owner of Kiosk   |   LinkedIn

David is the creative director/owner of Kiosk, a renowned design & art direction studio based in Sheffield. Kiosk operates as a small/flexible studio producing branding, art direction, design solutions and consultancy for various music, arts, TV and leisure industry clients. Prior to setting up Kiosk, David was a key member of the world famous Designers Republic, (1997 – 2005).

David is often asked to give talks on his experiences as a designer to industry peers and design students.

In 2012 the renowned UK design awards body D&AD included David/Kiosk in a list of "50 Creative Greats", which included the likes of Quentin Blake, Rankin, Terry Gilliam and Storm Thorgerson.

Saul Cozens

Digital Technology Strategist   |   LinkedIn

Saul is a digital technology strategist with over 15 years experience in helping SMEs and corporates use the web to achieve their ambitions.

A good number of those years were helping to grow Technophobia, a digital agency based in Sheffield, from around 25 people to 90-odd and then positioning it for a buy-out by a large corporate. He has worked with small burgeoning businesses and startups as well as banks, government departments, local authorities and other public bodies.

Saul has a particular interest in how to make a positive difference to people's lives through including them in the process of designing technology products and services.

Peter Hopton

CEO and Founder of Iceotope   |   LinkedIn

Peter has been responsible for the birth of a number of companies in the field of Green IT, his career so far has been exploring the question: How can technology be a smaller burden on our environment and resources? Peter is a well-known Sheffield entrepreneur who sits on the national committees for Data Centers and Green IT at the chartered institute for IT.

Mel Kanarek

Marketeer, Psydev Ltd   |   LinkedIn

Mel has spent her whole career in marketing, communications and business development and specialises in working with technology based businesses. She began working with Psydev Ltd in 2011, where she helps raise the company’s profile as a global specialist in data interoperability standards for e-learning.

Psydev Ltd is a Sheffield-based team of software developers. The company was set up in 2003 and now works with clients around the world, including vendors of student information systems and learning management systems, e-learning content publishers and providers of learning solutions to higher education and corporate learning departments.

Jamie Shuker

Managing Director,   |   LinkedIn

Jamie started a software development company after obtaining his software engineering degree from the University of Sheffield, partly out of fear of the responsibility gainful employment might bring. After some limited success he sold the company and worked for a digital marketing agency for two years, but then decided to give the software development business thing another go, this time working in the travel vertical.

In 2007, Jason Fry - main shareholder of - and Jamie swapped shares in their respective businesses and since then the two have worked on growing alpharooms to a turnover of £90m a year. Travel is now very much a data-driven business and is technologically very challenging (or exciting depending on your point of view!)

Rui Trindade

Director, Gerrish Consulting   |   LinkedIn

Rui is Director at Gerrish Consulting, an international independent advising boutique, with a specialised focus in international business development and funding for companies and projects. His sector expertise includes ICT, manufacturing, creative industries and biotech.

Rui is founder and co-founder of five very different companies, including software development, event management, marketing and communication, consultancy and design bicycles. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur he worked in the Portuguese Trade Board and was Advisor to the Portuguese State Secretary of Economy.

Rui is often asked to give talks on his international business experience, especially in Brazil and Portugal.

Meal Sponsors
Organisers and Coaches

Professor Guy Brown

Department of Computer Science   |   LinkedIn

Guy Brown has more than 20 years experience of University teaching and research and has taught on topics such as software engineering, legal and professional aspects of the software industry, Java technology, object-oriented design, mobile computing, audio signal processing and speech technology. He has a particular interest in iOS development.

Chris Dymond

Digital producer, strategist and innovation specialist   |   LinkedIn

Chris has over 20 years experience in digital media, and has delivered projects for Intel, Zurich Group, Financial Times Electronic Publishing, The Technology Strategy Board and many, many others. He has studied both computer science and the humanities, and holds a masters degree in international politics.

He is now an independent digital producer, strategist and innovation specialist, helping organisations understand and employ new technologies and behaviours. He has a longstanding interest in new forms of media and digital lifestyles, and the dynamics of social and technological change.

Chris also co-produces the annual TEDxSheffield event and is a director of a new kind of school.

His top three skills are:
- Complaining about acqui-hires.
- Asking stupid questions.
- Making accurate lists.

Rob King

Enterprise Coach   |   LinkedIn

An enthusiastic Enterprise Coach, Rob works for Sheffield Enterprise Programme. He delivers business coaching workshops to groups of potential entrepreneurs, helping people explore the idea of being their own boss and giving advice on how to run their own business. He supports and helps people to explore the business viability through business planning, in the hope of taking that idea through to start-up.

Before working as an enterprise coach, Rob successfully set up and ran his own business after having worked for eight years as a Regional Sales Manager for Proctor & Gamble, all valuable experience which all helps when advising somebody starting a new business.

Spencer Turner

UX/Design Heavy   |   LinkedIn

Hi I'm Spencer, I'm primarily a Lean UXer and co-founder of Heavies, a lean, ux and development consultancy. I also write code sometimes. My passions are my wife and son, user centred design, helping people focus and test their ideas and 'small a' agile methodologies.

Trevor Ward

Lead Software Developer (Mobile), First Utility   |   LinkedIn

Trevor has been developing enterprise applications for over 20 years, using various languages and methods. For the last few years he has focused on Mobile applications using the Appcelerator Titanium framework, developing applications for customers like BP, M&S and 3M.

He is certified to teach Titanium as well as being a TCAD, TCME and community Titan and he has had two books on Titanium published in the last 12 months. He regularly post articles on his own blog and other publications, and contributes to the open source code available for Titanium.

Samantha Deakin
Chris Murray
Harriet Holman

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